Hi, I'm Adison. I'm sixteen and in my free time I like to hang out with friends and family, watch tv shows, and paint for the most part. One of my favorite shows is American Horror Story even though it scares me half the time. I have three siblings, I'm the oldest but you can't tell because my siblings are almost all taller than me! But it's okay my life's pretty great. I have wonderful friends and family.

My School Schedule
Hour Class Time
1 LA III 7:45-8:38AM
2 Web Design 8:38-9:31AM
3 Spanish 2 9:31-10:24AM
4 Advisory 10:24-11:18AM
5 Algebra 2 11:34-12:18PM
6 American Government 12:27-1:20PM
7 A+ 1:20-2:13PM
8 Biology 2:13-3:00PM

Web Design Resources

Newer Projects

1 - News Hub

2 - Starter Gallery

3 - Favorite Lists

4 - Building Tables

5 - Math Test Form

6 - Color Scheme

7 - Restaurant Menu